Summer Worship Services

***NOTE – Due to the flooding around the Wab Club, it is not available for church at the present time.  Therefore, the Board has no other choice but to delay the opening of this summer’s worship services until the club is open for use.

Bottom line, there will be no church July 5th.  We will post all updated information on our signs at the post office, Wab Club, etc… and on the website.  Until we are able to open with a full service, Dr Bowen has some past services to watch, read, and share with family, online at  The good news is Dr Bowen will be up here by July 1st and ready to start anytime we get the go ahead.


Nancy Coronado, President, Wabaningo Community Church


We invite young and old to join us in the summer while you are at White Lake.  All are welcome to join us for Sunday services at 10:00 a.m.Wabanigo Church

Church Services are at the Wabaningo Club House at Sylvan Beach.  We look forward to the opportunity to see you this summer.


None at this time.

Wab Church Board Members

We invite you to reach out to any of us at any time if you have questions or want to learn more about the Wabaningo Church.

  • Anne Bayly
  • Nancy Coronado
  • Dallas Dort
  • Cade Sibley
  • Bruce Diephouse
  • Kayi Hummel