Recommended Contractors –

The SBRC Board does not endorse these contractors, we simply provide you with a list of potential options in the Whitehall area that others have used and recommend.

Handyman Services
Murray Pulver (Builder/handyman) 231-740-1778
Dennis Donahue (opening and closing services) 231-750-0604
Mike Holmberg (handyman) 231-750-2613
Dennis and Ben Hughes 231-670-6160
John Rolewicz 231-578-8398 (window repair/restoring)
Steve Niezgoda 231- 894-8870 (woodworker)

Builder and Carpenters
Holly-Misch Construction, LLC, Dave Holly 231-329-9911
Matt Derose Builders LLC, Matt Derose 231 893 0025
Bedau Construction, Dave Bedau 231 894 8926
Peets Custom Woodworking, Mark Peets 231-670-1091
Britten’s Custom Flooring, 231-670-1091
Jeff Conroy (Montague)  231-740-5377
Jeff Vanderweele Construction  231-893-0499

Electric Lifts
Don Schmiege – Hillclimbers , Inc.  231-894-1141

Chuck Galarneau – C-N-C Electric 231-744-0404 (Office) 231-329-0404 (Cell)
Doug Noordhoek Electric – 231-894-4532 (anytime) or 231-206-1611 (Cell)
Cederquist Electric, Inc. – Montague 231-861-8686

Heating and Cooling
Ace Heating & Cooling 231-733-1216
Bishop Heating/Cooling 231-773-6857
Carmichael Heating/Cooling 231-766-9133
Scheid Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling 231-894-9760

Montague Tree Farms 231-894-2020
Seaver’s Lawn 231-893-0776
Barry’s 231-766-3031
Dawson’s Landscaping 231-670-1287
Double L Landscaping 231-894-5988

Chimney Service
Hancock Chimney Service  231-750-6364
(Chimney sweeping, repairs, safety inspections)

Dan Osborn 231-893-8717 (House) 231-730-0894 (Cell)
Scheid Plumbing Heating & Cooling, Inc. 231-894-9760
Lascko Plumbing and Mechanical 231-744-7080

Abel Acuna 231-893-7535
Rand Barfoot 231-894-2333
Joe Rogers 231-893-6365
Paul Potter (231-855-0412
Gordon Painting and Pressure Washing, Patrick Gordon 231-750-2930
That Finishing Touch, Jerry Klompenstein 231-578-9334

Pest Control
Port City Pest Control (Don, spiders) 231-788-6241
Advanced Wild-Life Control (raccoons, etc.) (231-903-7255

Power Washing
Seaver’s 231-893-0776
Kevin Kolar 231-633-6969

Window Washing
Kevin Kolar 231-633-6969
Phil Erickson 231-736-7722

Scott & Dennis Jackel 231-894-6025
Conrad Swanson (C-Boys Service) 231-894-3527 or 231-750-9742

Trash Removal
Chester Sanitation, Brad Chester 231-736-5898

Small Engine Repair
Parsons – 8785 Water St., Montague 231-893-1309
Blue Water Marine (outboard motors), 231-893-1349

Well Drilling/Pump Repair
Jack Postema -Meyer Well Drilling 231-750-7991
Utsinger Well Drilling 231-766-5145

Window Cleaners
Budget Window Cleaners Phil Erickson 231-736-7722

Tree Service
Andy’s Tree Serv. 231-773-4164 (24 year round service)
Berson’s Tree Serv. (Bruce) 231-893-6902
Brandon Bolde 231-578-2973
Boyd Tree Service (John) 231-894-9676 Cell: 231-740-0885
Tim McFarland 231-777-2350(Home) (231- 750-3026 (Cell)
JB Lanscape Service, Jared Baxter 231-206-0286
Dubois Tree Service. 231-894-8085

The SBRC Board does not endorse these contractors, we simply provide you with a list of potential options in the Whitehall area.

Feel free to reach out to other neighbors for additional recommendations.

Emergency Phone Numbers


US Coast Guard  Search and Rescue (Muskegon)   231-759-8581

US Coast Guard  Search and Rescue   1-800-492-5983

US Coast Guard Grand Haven Non-Emergency   1-616-850-2500

Whitehall Police Department (405 E. Colby)  231-894-2317

Muskegon County Sheriff    231-724-6351

Michigan State Police, Grand Haven   1-616-842-2100

Lakeshore Medical Center (905 E. Colby, Whitehall)   231-728-5910

Mercy Hospital Emergency (1500 E Sherman, Muskegon)   231-672-3916

Hackley Hospital (1700 Clinton, Muskegon)  231-726-3511

Westshore Animal Clinic (8210 Whitehall Rd, Whitehall)  231-894-5460

**AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY Westshore Animal Clinic  231-737-3834

Farmstead Veterinary Service (9300 Walsh Road, Montague)  231-893-4094

POISON CONTROL 1-800-222-1222  or TTY 1-800-356-3232

National Response Center (To report toxic chemical and oil spills) 800-424-8802

Marine Emergencies  Cindy Mouw  231-740-4635

                               Dan DeYoung  231-894-8166

                               Jim Logan 231-894-2691

                               (Courtesy of Whitehall Landing Marina)


Community Information

Howmet Theatre – Click here for current schedule

Restaurants –

  • Buzz’s Lakeside
  • Red Rooster Tavern
  • Crosswinds Restaurant
  • Sam’s Bistro
  • San Marco’s Mexican
  • Gary’s Restaurant
  • Dive Restaurant and Bake

Nearby lodging – Buzz’s Lakeside Inn Reservations

Contractor Inquiry

If you are a local contractor or service provider in the Whitehall/Montague area that would like to be included on our list we invite you to contact us with your information for consideration.

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