Phragmites – for more information click here

Phragmites has been deemed by the State of Michigan as the #1 invasive threat in the state and millions of dollars and effort are going into its control and removal. Phragmites creates tall (over 15 feet tall), dense stands which degrade wetlands and coastal areas by crowding out native plants and animals, blocking shoreline views, reducing access for swimming and fishing, and hunting and can create fire hazards from dry plant material.

Phragmites is found all over White Lake and has been found at Sylvan Beach in front of the Johnson/Deupree cottages, next to Kiddie Beach and in the wetland behind the swing set. The board of directors has taken advantage of state funding made available to the Muskegon County Conservation District to treat our emergent growth during 2015 and 2016.  Because it grows quickly and can easily grow out of control in one season, Sylvan Beach needs to be vigilant to any new growth and address it quickly.

Phragmites can be controlled using an integrated pest management approach which includes an initial herbicide treatment and annual maintenance. Only certified treatment specialists can address it.  Early detection is key to preventing large dense stands and is also more cost efficient.