The 1936 Fire

The first major fire in the history of Sylvan Beach Resort took place on December 2, 1936.  Events and pictures of the fire can be seen here along with a description written at that time by one of the shareholders. Click here

Additionally, the only other fire that has taken place was in 19XX when the original Wabaningo Club caught on fire and took out the neighboring cottage.  (need pictures and details of this event)

The Arcade and the Steamships from Chicago

The good old days of the steamers coming in the White Lake Channel to deliver the folks from Chicago and the Arcade that was the part of the wonderful history to the generations that have been coming to Sylvan Beach Resort.  

Edna and Leonard Blomdahl were fixtures in the Whitehall area and Edna's father ran the grocery store in the Arcade, with help from Edna, her sister Helen and Leonard.  Read her memories